Cool cymbal news: Zildjian announces its new cymbals for 2012

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Zildjian announces 2012 as a big year for cymbal fans while creating brand-new techniques to incorporate into new products.  The new Sound Lab features Zildjian’s R&D Director, Paul Francis, playing each of Zildjian’s new cymbals and also giving a bit of background on the development process.

Recorded with high-end audio equipment, the Sound Lab Videos offer the highest quality sound and video recording to date from Zildjian.

A Customs

While  celebrating the 20th Anniversary of A Custom cymbal line with the launch of the new 21” Anniversary Ride, available in 2012 only. The new 21” size is extremely versatile, making it well suited for all types of musical settings.

Retaining all of the A Custom cymbal line attributes, the new 21” Anniversary Ride features symmetrical hammering, brilliant finish, and medium weight for a balanced sound that is neither too high nor too low. Known for its crisp, sweet sound, this cymbal’s loud, penetrating bell is also ideal for Latin patterns. To commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the A Custom line, a cream-white logo and special trademark have been added to the cymbal. Special trade and consumer events commemorating the Anniversary will be announced throughout the year.

K Constantinople

Zildjian is also introducing three new cymbals to its line of K Constantinoples – a 15” and 17” Crash, and a 19” Crash Ride – to compliment the 16” and 18” Crashes currently in the product line.

These instruments feature a new hammering technique, an additional pin lathe on the top and bottom, and new vintage style cups (on the 15” and 17” models). These new features allow the cymbal to maintain the dark, expressive quality of the K Constantinople line sought by drummers the world over and incorporate even more overtones and nuances.

The new pin lathe feature also gives the cymbals an appearance similar to earlier Ks from the 60’s. The 15” and 17” Crashes are thin in weight, while the 19” K Constantinople Crash Ride, which provides additional performance capabilities and a left side alternative, is medium-thin in weight.

Additionally, the K Constantinople 14” HiHats, and 16” and 18” Crashes are new-and-improved, incorporating the same features as the new 15”, 17”, and 19” Crashes. By utilizing new hammering techniques, these Crashes open up with more dark overtones, distinction, and musicality than ever before.

The new pin lathe, added to the top and bottom of each cymbal, serves as an additional tonal groove, adding to the overall complexity of the sound produced. The new pin lathe also enhances the visual appearance of these cymbals adding a vintage look of the Ks of the past. The 16” and 18” Crashes are thin in weight while the 14” Hihats have a medium-thin top and a medium bottom.

Sticking with the K Constantinople line, there are new Ride Cymbals that will be great additions to any kit – the 22” Renaissance Ride and 20” Bounce Ride.

Developed in conjunction with renowned jazz drummer Adam Nussbaum, the 22” K Constantinople Renaissance Ride is a versatile instrument that works well in small to medium size musical settings. This cymbal features smoother lathing on both sides and a bell that is unlathed underneath, adding stick definition to the instrument. Three rows of over hammering and four large hammer clusters give it a dark spread with overtones and a bit of “trash.” The K Constantinople Renaissance Ride is medium-thin in weight.

The new 20” K Constantinople Bounce Ride, a smaller version of the popular 22” model launched two years ago, like its older sibling was developed in conjunction with Kenny Washington. It features traditional K Constantinople hammering and eight unique cluster hammer marks on top that add just enough “dirt” to the sound. The new 20” model has more pronounced lathing and tonal grooves to produce plenty of dark wash and sustain. The 20″ K Constantinople Bounce Ride is medium-thin in weight.

‘A’ Avedis

In the A Zildjian Line, the offer includes the 13″ A Zildjian Pocket HiHats as a stand-alone product. Originally introduced as part of its successful Inspiration Pack for Gospel and Praise and Worship, these 13” A Zildjian HiHats feature a thin top and heavy bottom providing plenty of chick that’s explosive, bright, and quick to decay.

Unlathed and featuring large crater-style hammering, these HiHats make an ideal set for just about any musical genre including funk, hip hop, pop, and rock.

K Customs

Finally, Zildjian brings some fierce sounds to the K Custom Line of cymbals. Unlathed, but extensively hammered throughout the body and bell, the all-new K Custom Dark Complex Ridefeatures a proprietary satin finish that adds to its unique appearance.

Available in 21” and 22”sizes, these Rides are dark and complex, with good stick definition and just enough spread. Both sizes are medium-thin in weight. Another innovation of the Zildjian Sound Lab is the 19″ K Custom Hybrid Trash Smash. Designed in conjunction with Akira Jimbo, the 19” Trash Smash is ideal for both crashing and riding, either on the outer edge or main body.

With its inverted bell, extensive hammering, and thin weight, this cymbal lives up to its name, delivering plenty of trash when it’s smashed. A very playable and controllable cymbal, the K Custom Hybrid Trash Smash features an abundance of overtones for a completely new sound. The K Custom Hybrid Trash Smash is thin in weight.


All those new cymbals are available online in the new Zildjian’s Sound Lab Video Section.

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