Back in 2007, with only 17 years old, he shocked the world with his outstanding drumming technique. Many young drummers by then though on giving up drumming, while others decided that he was a strong influence, and that his drumming helped them to improve…



In 2008, some said that he could be the next Thomas Lang!

Dylan Elise is no starter, but we have to ask the question: Where is he now?


Well… He certainly is not sleeping…


Yeah! Its difficult NOT to watch…!


Yeah… But where in the world is he now?

Come on drummers, let’s talk about Dylan Elise! We think he deserves a bit more buzz!

  1. One Who Knows says:

    Dylan Elise is a genius! His drumming skills are unique and to be honest I believe he has to be seriously considered one of the best drummers in the world. Take that world.

  2. Jim Maddin says:

    I just discovered Dylan Elise on youtube. He is effing unconscious! I have been struggling as a wannabe drummer for many years and watching Dylan just gives me a peaceful feeling. At least someone out there can prove they are the best. You go hard, Dylan. The world has to be watching.

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  4. Joseph Johnstone says:

    this dude is so cool

  5. Raice McLeod says:

    Just “discovered” him on YouTube … which is a sad comment on how the music world is NOT properly aware of this amazing player. Like many of the new generation, he has taken the instrument to places that old codgers such as me never thought of … and that’s GREAT. Skills are supposed to evolve as younger players come along. Keep playing, Dylan. And I wish you every success.

  6. Rob says:

    I have been playing for close to 15 years now and a metal/post hardcore drummer. And tonight is the first time I have ever seen or heard of this guy. And all I have to say is WOW!! Dylan Elise is amazing. Fluid motions, amazing technique, and damn near flawless all around. Keep it up kid!! We need more drummers like you!!!

  7. Eric H.Harris says:

    Unbelievable. Great technique. Incredible speed. Love to see him driving a
    Big band. Buddy Rich would have loved him.

  8. Dylan Elise says:

    Hey guys
    Wow thanks so much for all the kind words!!
    Really appreciate it.
    Still drumming and will be relocating to LA from Auckland, New Zealand where I live.
    Have had the pleasure if playing with Blood, Sweat & Tears this year and hope to do much more with them when I move to the states..

    Thanks again,
    Dylan Elise

    • Chip Bagley says:

      I am amazed at your humility, it comes through in your playing, I am a beginning drummer at 47 years old and want to be like you when I grow up!!! Keep on rockin bro!!!

    • Michael says:

      YOU ARE…….THE BEST THERE IS !!!!!!!!!

  9. nissi says:

    Unbelievable Dylan…..amazing……………..god bless

  10. Keith Glendinning says:

    Saw Dylan at Auckland Domain on Sunday 8th Feb. He was amazing, playing with the band Black Sand Diva as a guest. They managed to fit in some great drum breaks in the session. After the show my 7 year old grandson (a budding drummer himself) approached him and Dylan was very friendly. Can’t say more!

  11. cheesyhero6 says:

    Amazing! I think Dylan is Epic!!!

  12. Damien says:

    Jus wow

  13. Teu Bentley says:

    Just saw your videos. Man! You are awesome. Brings back memories of listening to my brother Lance bashing away on the drums in our garage…not up to your standard though, but with such passion and soul. I get it now. Thank you. By the way, he is now in his 60’s and still drumming!! You have an exciting and adventurous journey ahead.

  14. Deni J Vanin says:

    I was just wondering this exact same question! I have been a huge fan of Dylan for years now and consider him one of my favourite all time drummers and one of the world’s elite!

    Years ago my daughter came home from school after seeing you perform and she was RAVING about it … I was all like it can’t be THAT great bub, you live with me so you know what good drumming is?

    Jumped online, watched everything I could find and went back and told her never mind, your right, f-ing amazing and I feel like a newbie! That day inspired me to train and go back two decades to learn everything I skipped out on … for this I thank you, you made me fall in love with drumming again!

    I really hoped you were still jamming at least for the love! I have been playing for nearly 25 years now and NZ and the world need guys like this to make drummers like myself everywhere to always be inspired to keep going back and learning technique, disipline and fine tuning beats, limbs and even reworking rudiments from 20 years ago …

    Great to hear about your relocating plans bro … Dylan, whatever you are doing and wherever your heading with music, I hope it’s where you want to be! You got it sorted man! To New Zealand’s best drummer holding his own on a global stage .. I salute you and look forward to seeing your next performance! May the beats be PHAT!

  15. Shawn says:

    I started playing drums in 3rd grade back in the 60’s, but haven’t played on an actual drum set in over 10 years. I envy so many of who I always considered the best drummers in the world, like Stuart Copeland, Carl Palmer, Neil Peart, and more… UNTIL I SAW DYLAN playing on the streets on YouTube! OMG, Dylan is now crowned as the BEST DRUMMER I HAVE EVER SEEN PLAY! And hey, I’m 58 years old!

  16. John Clark says:

    The ‘Best drummer in the world’ is like the ‘best cake in the world’ – it is an entirely irrelevant concept. if you know anything at all about music or cooking you will understand. If you don’t, you won’t!

    Having played drums all my life (I am now 72) I can only say that I wish I could have had Dylan’s ability in so many areas – but he is not ‘better’ than hundreds of other wonderfully talented musicians who play and played drums. You just maybe have to look a bit further back than 1980. If all you can see is what’s in front of you, that’s all you’ll ever know.

  17. apackerfan2 says:

    I just discovered Dylan’s street drumming videos on YouTube. I would like to build a set similar to his on those videos. What equipment is he using? Thank you.

  18. DAN STEPHENSEN says:

    I have followed you from your early days. Dan on drums
    from Mesa, ARIZONA. A W E – I N S P I R I N G

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