Time for a cool laugh: Vinnie Colaiuta says ”hello’ to his fans in a cool gig with Sting (playing Paiste Cymbals?)

Posted: March 23, 2012 in Acoustic drums, Amazing COOL drummers, Cymbals, Gretsch, Outstanding drum news, Paiste, Time for a cool Laugh
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Ok, once again, it’s time for a cool drum laugh!

Right know, what we have here is a cool video captured by a Vinnie Colaiuta fan when playing in a Sting gig. Take a close look from 2m45s on…

…and if you don’t laugh, it’s advisable to search for an urgent drum clinic wherever you are…!

Oh, by the way: rumors state that Vinnie is no longer playing with Zildjian… Better still: same rumors state that he could be playing with Paiste 602s, and some even consider that this very same cool video shows evidence of that… Can you believe?

The fact is that, if you search Vinnie’s website, you will no longer find info regarding Zildjian cymbals, and if you try searching on Zildjian website, you will no longer find Vinnie in their artist rooster info as well…

But the ‘de facto’ fact is that you can enter Sting’s website and see for yourself the upcoming Sting’s Back to Bass tour rehearsals video here.


…now that is a cool drum fact!

  1. Tom says:

    You do realise that, rather than saying ‘hello’ to his fans’, he’s actually saying “I can see you filming me and I don’t like it. Turn it off!”

  2. drumcool.com says:

    Ha! Ha! You bet we know that! 😉

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