Amazing! We just found this outstanding morph video from Paiste played by UK drummer Josh Devine that shows all the Paiste cymbals available in 2011!

You can compare all the sounds that Paiste cymbals under musical performance will give you, starting right from the ‘PST3’ beginner range of cymbals right to the top of the tops ‘Paiste Signature Traditional’ series and paying a visit to the  ‘Alpha’, ‘2002’, ‘Signature’ and ‘RUDE’ series in the mid way…

The complete list of Paiste cymbal series played in this video:

PST3 — 0m:06s
PST 5 — 0m:22s
ALPHA — 0m:37s
RUDE — 0m:54s
GIANT BEAT — 1m:09s
2002 — 1m:25s
TWENTY — 1m:41s
FORMULA 602 — 1m:57s
Signature — 2m:13s
Signature Reflector — 2m:28s
Signature Dark Energy — 2m:44s
Signature Traditionals — 3m:00s

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