Time for a cool laugh: “The Polynesian nightmare” – A cool ‘drum workshop’ for a cool drum laugh…

Posted: February 17, 2012 in Acoustic drums, Amazing COOL drummers, Cymbals, Time for a cool Laugh
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Yes, time for a cool drum laugh!

Let’s have a bit of “Flam-rest!” … “Flam. Rest.” … “Flam. Rest.” “Like so… Rest”


Oh my God…!

What he would like to do…? It would be to first lay down a kind of. … Syncocopated beat that isnt so much about… what it is altogether. Its more about the modulation and what it is once it starts. Its a little bit of a GROOVE!


Oh, and… Would you buy his CD?








erm… For all of you that didn’t get it… It is a COOL joke by Jenns Hannemann (Fred Armisen)! 😉


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