Cool new drum gear: Pearl announces Daniel Erlandsson signature snare drum

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Acoustic drums, Cool new gear, Pearl
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Pearl Drums announces the limited edition of the Daniel Erlandsson (Arch Enemy) signature snare drum.

In a 14x 5.5” beadless stainless steel Snare Drum, with Black Superhoop II hoops, Dual-Colour Tube lugs and Ultra Sound Wires and the Arch Enemy symbol.

For me it has to be vintage tone all the way, I love a bright, edgy sound with lots of attack to compliment my playing style and to cut through the wall of guitar during an Arch Enemy show. I was looking for a snare drum that would reproduce punch and articulation even when played at moderate levels – as well as with a vicious crack when needed.”

Daniel has chosen a 1.2mm beadless stainless steel shell and, according to his own words, Pearl’s SR Strainer system and Ultra-sound wires make this drum a very sensitive metal snare drum.

“This drum delivers the metal in both attitude and sound! This drum takes no prisoners…” states Daniel Erlandsson.


Model: DE1455
Size: 14” x 5,5”
Shell: Beadless Stainless Steel
Hoops: Black Superhoop II
Lugs: Dual-Colour Tube lugs
Rods: 10
Tension Rods: SST-5047
Strainer: SR-015
Snares: SN-1420I


Brief online video selection

Daniel Erladsson with Arch Enemy – Drum solo (2008)


Official Pearl Drums video – Daniel Erlandsson Metal (2009)


Daniel Erlandsson with Arch Enemy – live drum solo live (2006)


Outstangingly cool!

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