Once again, Ahead brings a totally new product from what we’ve been used to see. Quite associated with drumsticks, and recently with earplugs now they bring a cool looking line of cases as well.

Drum Cases

According to Ahead”s website, the new Armor Cases begin with their unique shape featuring patented TruForm design, where the shape of each case corresponding to the “true” shape of the drum plus its mounting hardware. The universal teardrop design allows for a much snugger drum fit. It also allows dealers to reduce their inventory by eliminating the need to double-stock separate bags for tom-toms with and without suspension mounts and bass drums with and without tom mounts.

With a slightly odd looking shape (compared to what’s been ‘normal’) presenting a little more overall space inside which will be able to accommodate RIMS mounts and drums with larger snare strainer and butt plats which is a fundamental weakness on most round cases unless one simply use bigger cases than the drum sizes.

The cases come with plenty of padding to protect the drums and instead of just opening around the circumference like most cases, they also open down too (again, see the photo) which makes things a lot easier to put the drums in and access.

Cymbal Silo case

Probably one of the most thought in the market, as it’s big, bold and comes with a small front pocket, a larger front pocket for smaller cymbals and hi-hats and the main section for everything else up to 24″. Both cymbal compartments in the case came with a multi-cymbal removable insert which was thickly padded. There is also a shoulder strap and carrying handles on each side and adjustable shoulder and stomach straps for carrying on your back. These latter straps easily disappear into a flap when not required which is great as sometimes they could turn a bit annoying when just hanging.

Hardware case

With a retractable handle on top (when stood upright) and with wheels it’s very easy to move. Inside and out there”s big thick straps to hold everything in place, with the outer straps having handles built into them as well for lifting.

The cases all seem to have been well designed and made

Cool stuff.


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