Q: You’re a pretty young guy. Did you have any relative who turned you on to all the good music you’re into?

A: I’m the oldest in my family, so my parents got me into music. Instead of sitting me in front of the TV when I was young, they would sit me in front of the record player and play Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, Rolling Stones, Mott The Hoople, all those bands. From the time I was five years old, I was rockin’ it.

My parents rocked. Oh f**k, it if wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be doing this!

You see, I started playing with a guitar I had at my grandpa’s house at about age six or seven…no, five. I have pictures of me at four years old, holding a guitar, at my grandpa’s house, with him playing piano. He was a big piano player, an awesome piano player. I was really just drawn to [becoming a musician] because there was so much music around my family.


Brief online video selection

Joey Jordison drum warm-up


Joey Jordison Drumming Sessions


Joey Jordison with Metallica (Enter Sandman)


Words…? Cool!

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