drumcool.com - 2013-02-11 playmobeat drum trio from Germany (stand up comedy)

There is an astonishing drum trio that is making some real noise on the social media around the globe… They come from southern Germany and call themselves ‘Playmobeat’, and man, they sure know how to make a show on drums…
David Pätsch, Chris Heiny and Andi Buhler are the three German gentlemen that created the Playmobeat drum trio (stand up comedy), usually playing in a radially aligned Drumsets in the middle of the audience and thus offering a excellent show for whoever has the opportunity to see their show.

We think we could do a little tribute by selecting some of their best pieces available on the tube:

Howly…! You dare taking your eyes off the screen?


Oh, come on… Just what in this world is… this…?


Ok, let’s go outside!


Who let the drums out?

Ouch… That’s my cymbal…!


Well, well, well… Howzabout this drum creativity?

‘Play’ these guys a visit at their website: www.playmobeat.de

  1. Playmobeat says:

    Damn, we should seriously google ourselves more often. Just discovered this by coincidence…! THANKS GUYS!

    • drumcool.com says:

      Geez…! With a thousand beats per minute! The PLAYMOBEAT themselves were here! Now THAT’S COOL!

      Guys, we are absolutely 100% fans of your tremendous work! Hope to hear some more great drum news from you soon!

      Thank you for inspiring us!

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