Cool cymbal news: Sabian rebrands Vault crashes to expand AAX line

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Cool new gear, Cymbals, Outstanding drum news, Sabian
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The recent move by Sabian to drop its Vault Series does not mean the many innovative cymbal models in Vault are going away. Rather, they have been rebranded as AAX, HHX, AA or HH. 

It’s a move designed to simplify our cymbal line, something our distributors and dealers have been asking us to do for years” announced Sabian President Andy Zildjian. “Vault had just grown too big – and with the radically different cymbal models in Vault, it was getting harder and harder to give it an identity that made sense to customers.

As a result, renewed focus has been placed on some truly great cymbal models. The AAX V-Crashes are bright, high-pitched and very cutting cymbals available in Brilliant Finish. Thin models, they are medium to loud in volume. “They’re thin – but they don’t play thin,” claims the Sabian Vault’s Mark Love. “A high-profile and pinpoint lathing make them more robust than many other thin models – there’s a tension in the metal you can definitely feel.

AAX V-Crashes also benefit from a power-increasing bell and balanced bell-to-bow response for a powerful front-end attack and full, shimmering sound with wide response sensitivity. They can deliver clean, glassy crashing at low volumes, or blow through the loudest band. These are very efficient and effective crashes with a super-clean, cutting, modern sound.


Watch the cool video:


And visit the cool Sabian website at

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