Evans Releases G14 Series Tom and Snare Heads and announces a new user-friendly, social media- oriented and mobile phone-compliant web site!

D’Addario introduces the new Evans G14 series of tom and snare drum heads, featuring a single ply of 14mil film that delivers unprecedented durability, combined with the dynamic response of a single-ply drumhead. Ideal for use in high-volume performance situations, the G14 can withstand heavy-hitting while projecting through the mix to provide a full, aggressive sound.

The G14 is available in

both clear and coated white versions, sizes 6”-20” and it is said that their Evans proprietary white coating will provide additional warmth of tone, so the clear version would provide a full frequency response for maximum projection. Evans announces the G14 as the loudest and most durable single-ply head on the market.

The G14 is the loudest drumhead available,” says Dick Markus, Evans Product Manager. “The 14mil film resists wear and tear while providing a full tonal response at all dynamic levels.

It is expected that the Evans G14 drumheads will retail for $21.00-$43.50 and will be available February 2012.


About their new website, designed in conjunction with professionals, students and drum enthusiasts, it is said to offer fast and easy access with a sleek, modern look-and-feel that is easy to maneuver from most computer or mobile phone platforms, featuring an expanded video library, redesigned artist pages, and enhanced search capabilities.

Some additional highlights include:

  • Product Selector – The new Evans Product Selector displays all products within a given category, arranged from darkest tone to brightest. Users can read the descriptions of all products, see what artists use a given product, and even hear audio samples before clicking through to the product details page. A new, refined menu at the top allows users to filter based on characteristics such as the number of plies, finish and size. Simply click a checkbox to specify products matching their selected criteria and even check multiple boxes to further refine selection.
  • Artist Portal – The Artist Portal features artists on the main page while allowing users to sort through artists alphabetically by first name or enter text to search by first or last name. An artist news feed is present on the left side of the page with endorsee updates.
  • Video Library – The Evans Video Library segments videos into tabs based on content. Featured and new videos are easy to find under their tabs, as are backstage interviews, lessons, how-to tutorials and the “How It’s Made” manufacturing series of videos. Related videos are shown on the right side of the page and related products below the video player.

The Evans Website redesign has been a long time coming,” says Dick Markus, Evans Product Manager. “We are thrilled about its user-friendly approach that makes choosing heads a snap, while also being able to better feature our esteemed endorsees!


For more cool information on Evans Drumheads, please visit www.evansdrumheads.com.

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