Great new drumming products: Supernova ResoAir Shells

Posted: January 12, 2012 in Acoustic drums, Outstanding drum news
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Supernova Custom Drums announces a brand new shell construction complimentary to their actual line of hand made Drum Shells, the ResoAir Shells.

The ResoAir Shells are said to produce a full bodied, concentrated tone due to their distinctive structure. The ResoAir Shells feature a unique combination of air chambers formulated inside the shell to ”give you all the resonance and tone you will ever need from your drums”. Each chamber acts as a small air cavity, generating ”a rich sonic timbre from the woods”.

Supernova states that their very first line of ResoAir Shells contains the finest Finnish Birch, however, as with all Supernova custom made drum shells, any species of wood can be used in the production.

The ResoAir Shells are patent pending.

We think this is cool!

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