Drumming (along with air drums) as a therapy for Nelson Miles, a long time cerebral palsy sufferer

Posted: December 27, 2011 in Outstanding drum news
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Nelson Miles, 22, of Long Beach, has cerebral palsy but “when he air drums, his disability goes away“, his mother, Tuesday Miles, says.

Nelson suffers from cerebral palsy, and has always dreamed of being part of a marching band and playing his own snare drum. But this Christmas things were different, as he was presented with with his own snare drum, gifted to him by members of the Long Beach Junior Concert Band, which the young man loves to watch.

She put a notice out, asking on Thursday night asking if there’s any way possible that somebody had an old drum or something that would be a great Christmas gift for Nelson“, said Tom McNamara, a former band drummer.

Within minutes, her call for help was answered. A shiny red and gold drum was made just for Nelson. “It was probably 15, 20 minutes later the drum was being made“, McNamara said.

Former and current band members marched down Nelson’s street to present him with the drum. “I just ran out of the house as fast as I could!” Nelson told right after the band showed up. With his arms flailing, Nelson played the air drums to the beat of the sound.

Once Nelson was given his drum, he played with the band with his own instrument for the very first time. “He’s gotten his wish he’s wanted since he was 9 years old“, Nelson’s mother, Tuesday Miles, told KTLA.

Unbelievable!” Nelson exclaimed. “This is wonderful! This is great!

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