Gretsch Introduces the G Series GS1 and GS2

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Acoustic drums, Gretsch
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Style meets simplicity with the new entry level Gretsch G Series. Featuring a distinctive chrome badge, Gretsch quick-sized toms and Gretsch easy-to-position double tom holder, the new feature-packed drum kits are perfect for the first time buyer.

These new G-Series Drum kits not only look great but perform as any drummer would imagine from one of the masters for drum manufacturing. If you are new to drumming or even looking into buying that next step drum kit for gigging then the G-Series drum kit will definitely help you on your way. The G- Series comes in to formats GS1 and GS2 which are a two separate price levels, the GS1 being slightly cheaper than the GS2.


The Gretsch GS1 comprises of one configuration (drum sizes) and is available in two colours (Liquid Black and Dark Red Metallic). Included with the GS1 package is a 4-Piece Gibraltar Hardware Pack (GS1–4602PK) the hardware pack consists of a bass drum pedal, snare drum stand, cymbal boom stand and Hi Hat stand. Also, a Sabian SBR Cymbal 2-pack which consists of 13” hi hats and 18” crash ride cymbal.The GS1 comes in one configuration (10“x7” tom, 12“x8” tom, 14“x14“fl and 22“x16” bass drum) and two colour options (Liquid Black and Dark Red Metallic)



The Gretsch GS2 drum kit is basically made up from the same components as the GS1 but it is available in two configurations (drum sizes). The bass drums are deeper by 2 inches. There are four colour choices (Liquid Black, Dark Red Metallic, Grey Steel and Dark Blue Metallic) and the extra bonus with the GS2 package is a 5-Piece Gibraltar 4000 series hardware pack (GS2–4600PK) with the added straight cymbal stand and the Sabian SBRCymbal 3-Pack which consists of 14’ Hi Hats, 16’ Crash Cymbal and 20’ Ride Cymbal.


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