Neil Peart sure knows how to rush a cool drum groove anatomy in his drum solos. In this new DVD, following on from his two previous offerings which dealt with being in the studio and then building a drum solo, deals with how he prepares for live performance.

Described by Hudson Music as “The most in-depth insight into Neil’s body of work ever documented” sure is true in terms of what it covers.

Three disks

On the first two disks, Neil provides an in-depth look at every single song in the Time Machine set list (Rush”s latest tour, which includes the entire Moving Pictures album) and breaks down key grooves and fills, is mixed in with interviews in some of the most amazing scenery one could ever wish to see.

Disk three contains all the bonus features, including an interview with Lorne Wheaton, Neil”s drum tech.

This shows Neil Peart at his most open and revealing in a DVD and the whole package, apart from the obvious footage, also includes full-speed and slow-motion drums-only demonstrations (coupled with PDF icons that allows the viewer to analyse and then use the patterns included in PDF eBook), onstage footage from Rush concerts showing the actual live performance of any given song from drum cameras only, complete with a custom audio mix that features the drums slightly louder than a normal concert mix, as well as in-studio rehearsal footage and backstage scenes.

Brief video selection

Neil Peart – Taking Center Stage: Preview Trailer


Neil Peart talks about “Taking Center Stage”


Neil Peart – Taking Center Stage: Time Stand Still


Yes, what a rush…! But definitely cool!

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