Take a close look at the new line of custom-made snare drum shells that will be on display at Stone Custom Drum’s booth at the upcoming NAMM 2012 Show.

After developing a solid reputation as a drum refinisher and re-builder, Bernie Stone (on the picture), proprietor of the Fort Wayne company, saw a post on eBay, of all places, listing shell making tooling from a well-known drum company whose name he’s legally bound not to mention (although he was able to say they were originally headquartered in Niles, Illinois – do a little web research and you might be able to figure it out).

Following some plain old horsetrading, Stone was able to talk the seller down to a price he could afford, and is now bending virgin shells made of standard species as well as exotic woods “from bird’s-eye maple to bubinga, and everything in between.”

Stone purports to sell his new line of shells for as little as $59.95 per drum, which seems extremely reasonable.

We hope to have some more information about this new cool company in the near future…!

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